the sequel to 'Einstein meets Magritte' at 'BrusselsBodySpeech'

About the symposium

With the international symposium `Times of Entanglement' at the Shanghai World Exhibition the Leo Apostel Centre of Brussels Free University aims at a renewed global interdisciplinary reflection and action on different aspects of Science, Nature, Art, Human action and Society. The panels as part of the Brussels Body Speech at the Shanghai World Exhibition are meant to initiate this global reflection and action. Venue of the symposium is Minsheng Art Museum in Shanghai, September 21 & 22, afternoon. Read more

Panel 1: Creativity & Intuition

The seed of creativity in human actions remains shrouded from proper understanding. Creativity is considered one of humankind’s most valuable resources. However, not only is it rare, its fundamental operation is very difficult to understand (yet it is very easy to recognise once it has occurred). We explore the origin and nature of creativity, its appearance in ‘body speech’ and intuition, and its relation to ‘being touched’. Listening to the world and being touched by it, requires us to stand still. Does this state of mind replenish the individual by enabling him or her to get in touch with the world, and provide the ground for renewed creativity? Read more

Panel 2: Paradigmatic Transitions

The advance of science has proven to be an unfinished and ongoing process. This progression has presented humankind with new challenges. Global technology has altered the face of the Earth, both positively and negatively. Deep scientific inquiry into our being, world and universe has produced a puzzle of enigmatic findings. While quantum physics and relativity theory are the fruit of the progress of theoretical physics in the 20th century, they continue to present scientists with the deepest challenges when it comes to understanding the nature of the reality modelled by these theories. Read more

Venue, Illustration and Organizing Committee

Minsheng Art Museum, 570 West Huaihai Rd., Bldg. F, Red Town, International Art Community, 200050 Shanghai. Sept. 21, 22.
Entanglement of Schrodinger's cat and the Atomium with suburb interior. The photo is copyright Jonito Aerts; the scale model of the Atomium is copyright asbl Atomium.
Organizing Committee:
Diederik Aerts (Chair), Leo Apostel Centre, Brussels Free University, Belgium; Jan Broekaert, Leo Apostel Centre, Brussels Free University, Belgium; Liane Gabora, Department of Psychology, University of British Columbia, Canada; Nicole Note, Leo Apostel Centre, Brussels Free University, Belgium.