Panel 1: Creativity & Intuition

The seed of creativity in human actions remains shrouded from proper understanding. Creativity is considered one of humankind’s most valuable resources. However, not only is it rare, its fundamental operation is very difficult to understand (yet it is very easy to recognise once it has occurred). We explore the origin and nature of creativity, its appearance in ‘body speech’ and intuition, and its relation to ‘being touched’. Listening to the world and being touched by it, requires us to stand still. Does this state of mind replenish the individual by enabling him or her to get in touch with the world, and provide the ground for renewed creativity? This panel explores the relationship between the intellectual creative process and bodily semantics, as so well portrayed in Anne Teresa Dekeersmaeker’s choreography. Intuition plays an essential role, situated in the realm between the most basic form of human-world interaction, such as ‘body speech’, and rational logical discourse. The panel will address the different cognitive mechanisms underlying intuition and the corresponding neural mechanisms. How the architecture of memory is used differently as associative (or divergent) thought, conducive to analogy and metaphor, versus analytic (or convergent) thought, conducive to rational and logical deduction. And in what sense does quantum mechanics allow us to model the different decision processes involved and, as a consequence, put forward new hypotheses with respect to entanglement and human-world interaction.

Speakers: Weiguo Pang, Tony Godfrey, Scott Barry Kaufman, Liane Gabora, Nicole Note, Jiyun Li, Sandro Sozzo, Jan Broekaert
Date and time slot: September 21, afternoon. Starting 1.30 pm.
Venue: Minsheng Art Museum, 570 West Huaihai Rd., Bldg. F, Red Town, International Art Community, 200050 Shanghai.
Participation: Attending the symposium is free, and all interested people are heartily invited. We kindly ask people who wish to attend to send us a message of subscription at, or send a message making use of the send form under the contact link of this website.