Minsheng Art Museum, 570 West Huaihai Rd., Bldg. F, Red Town, International Art Community, 200050 Shanghai. Google Maps.

Tuesday 21st September: Panel ‘Creativity & Intuition’

Introduction and welcome


13:30 Weiguo Pang: ‘Creativity: A generative view’

14:00 Tony Godfrey: TBA

14:30 Scott Kaufman: ‘Creativity, openness to experience, and the unconscious mind’

15:00 Liane Gabora:  ‘What goes on in your mind during a flash of insight?’

15:30-15:45 pause

15:45 Nicole Note: The lived (aesthetical) experience: an entangled event? What Heidegger and Derrida can tell us about this.’

16:15  Jiyun Li: ‘MDFT in fashion style decision making modeling’

16:45 Sandro Sozzo: ‘An introduction to the mysteries of quantum mechanics: contextuality’

17:15 Jan Broekaert: ‘Entanglement; from metaphor to ontology and back’

17:45-18:45 Panel 1 ‘Creativity & Intuition’ :  Moderator: Liane Gabora

Participants:  Jan Broekaert, Liane Gabora, Tony Godfrey, Scott Kaufman, Jiyun Li, Nicole Note, Weiguo Pang, Sandro Sozzo.   

Wednesday 22nd September: Panel ‘Paradigmatic Transitions’


13:30 Sandro Sozzo: ‘An introduction to the mysteries of quantum mechanics: entanglement

14:00 Kai Chen:  ‘Quantum teleportation through open air’

14:30 Shengjun Wu: ‘Entanglement and non-classical correlations in quantum information science’

15:00-15:15 pause

15:15  Frank Theys: ‘The human enhancement perspective as a catalyst for a paradigm shift in art and science’

15:45 Liane Gabora: ‘When concepts get entangled’

16:15 Jan Broekaert: ‘Fragments for a new paradigm’

16:45  Wu Junde: ‘Remarks on the sequential products of quantum measurement’

17:15-18:15 Panel 2 ‘Paradigmatic Transitions’ :

Moderator: Scott Kaufman

Participants: Jan Broekaert, Kai Chen, Liane Gabora,  Wu Junde, Sandro Sozzo, Frank Theys,  Shengjun Wu

Map of the Venue.

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